About the Artist

Outside of kayfabe, elusively seen only while (really!) donning a defunct CRT on their head to maintain anonymity, Atlanta’s Analogue Heart is an eclectic, mysterious solo project riding the modern era’s autotune revival with aplomb.

The project maneuvers in such a way that autotune is not a crutch, but rather almost an instrument of its own, though far from the only one at Analogue Heart’s disposal. Through fuzzed-out guitars and masterful bass, they manage to create a polished sound that feels simultaneously raw.

Analogue Heart is no misnomer, the project draws on chiptune, emo, and shoegaze influences to harness a lo-fi aesthetic that evokes nostalgia from listeners while feeling like the music of the future.

A project somehow ignored in discussions of “fifth wave” emo, Analogue Heart is driving the genre from behind the curtain, er, screen, exacerbating the convergence of emo and hyperpop. They are ever moving forward, bringing new ideas and influences with each short release while managing to maintain a distinct sound. Analogue Heart will, above all, excite you.